Eq mobs - my explore status

Trying eq party leading some, so figured this may be useful. Listing eq mobs and how close I am to being able to lead them.

This page is auto-generated from my notes. The classification is somewhat arbitrary, takes into account prep work, and may be wrong with some of these.


Successfully led this mob
Got full info, but never led this
Have most information, but need more still
Have some information, a lot more needed
I got nothing

3-man mobs

Reanimated body hosting the ancient Witch-kingBlackteeth MountainLaenor
Fiona the brownie nunFaerie ForestLaenor
Kobold lordFaerie ForestLaenor
Sylph enchantressFaerie ForestLaenor
Chance SchneiderGUILD SailorLaenor
Zamphros, the temple managerTemple of the WindsLaenor
Sister Alma the Master ExorcistGUILD NunsRothikgen
Elder mageLighthouseRothikgen
Tom BombadilOld ForestRothikgen
Nosractik, the king of the orcsPauper'sRothikgen
A filthy robed skavenAstaciaLucentium
Minotaur captainWildspaceLucentium
The spirit of Kourish SinghShipwreckLucentium
Rallo MosstonSilver Lake CityLucentium
Farmer's rigUnderdarkLucentium
By-tor, Prince of HadesZebell'sLucentium
High PriestessAncient Temple of GodsDesolathya
Syndyna, captain of the SHA PhenomenonPierDesolathya
Hera, Goddess of the EarthBrantisFurnachia
Lady ZilvraDrow TowerFurnachia
KelnozzDrow TowerFurnachia
PraixorDrow TowerFurnachia
JasmineGUILD SpiderFurnachia
Apocalypse, the world crushing demonPerin'sFurnachia
The MASSIVE Guardian Demon of Reddist stands hereReaver CatacombsFurnachia
Zoo trunksTrilloch ZooFurnachia


Black KingChessboardLaenor
A small black and blue demon with huge craniumFaerie ForestLaenor
A tall orcish warlockFaerie ForestLaenor
Cestufre the dream master, guardian of dreamworldFaerie ForestLaenor
A malformed duergar, priest of AzathothFaerie ForestLaenor
Lord FoulFoul's CrecheLaenor
FazidGoddess gardenLaenor
Shade of MithrandirGUILD DruidsLaenor
Sable BladetreeGUILD RangerLaenor
ArthasKender mansionLaenormust not have tarma levels to lead
OceanusKender mansionLaenor
Tiliamonthaus, the ancient elven spectreMesme forestLaenor
Zyaq Qzendai dark worshipper of TeutonicOld ConventLaenor
Groll the Undead Overlord of Daemon troopsOld ConventLaenor
Vampire mistress craving for bloodOld ConventLaenor
Surkil, the kenku chieftainSewers of SilverfangLaenor
Koy, the bald and vengeful, kobold wizardSmall MeadowLaenor
Listar the ForgetfulTunnels of the UndyingLaenor
Ahmul the skeletal captainVendace ShoreLaenor
OoggaGUILD BarbarianRothikgen
Osenseida, a towering demon, swathed in blackHell's dojoRothikgen
The mother of all mushroomsMushroom HillRothikgen
The black dreadStonehengeRothikgen
Araas, the beautiful Queen of IceDoor to the PastLucentium
The ancient elemental Wyrm called StifsimDoor to the PastLucentium
Golux, the master conjurer of slimeGreat Central DesertLucentium
A scaled medusa with a paralyzing gazeLost PyramidLucentium
Tall human in a black suitTrilloch TowerLucentium
Torzinga the aurak draconianTrilloch TowerLucentium
Trilloch's vaultTrilloch TowerLucentium
Eidilon, the almighty archangel of goodnessAncient Temple of GodsDesolathya
Patrick AmberleyBrimshireDesolathya
Shacul, the Master Warlock of the ConclaveWarlock ConclaveDesolathya
the spirit of Master WarlockWarlock ConclaveDesolathya
Behemoth, a giant demon summoned forth by IanaAtlantisFurnachia
A floating bulk of darknessBlack Marble AltarFurnachia
BalhannonClones eventFurnachia
Tenji/AkemiGUILD Tiger - outerworldFurnachia
JasminOld fortFurnachia
Dr. LivingstoneE'sirisEsiris


Johnny Dover, leprechaun kingFaerie ForestLaenor
Wiespe the lecherous vampireFaerie ForestLaenor
Master channellerFaerie ForestLaenor
dryad queenFaerie ForestLaenor
JaneGoddess gardenLaenor
BayPrixcesGUILD MagesLaenor
ShelasteGUILD TigerLaenor
Inturnastabxlien, the ancient and powerful demi-lichMesme forestLaenor
Ilithyana, the elven priestess of LoraenMesme forestLaenor
Sh'Erot'Dulmintharaxen, the ancient dragon counting his coinMesme forestLaenor
Black ReaverMisty ForestLaenorbest to lead as tank or tarma
Warlock of Xzui performing dark ritualsOld ConventLaenor
A massive iron statue has come to lifeTunnels of the UndyingLaenor
MoreodTunnels of the UndyingLaenorrequires ambush immunity to lead
WerelizardTyr FarwynLaenorrequires nimbuses
Ix'ixixiblat the Taguethic, the skeletal Elder DragonLaenor OuterworldLaenorrequires 18 people
Cave beastBeaumont HamelRothikgen
Lear RotthCaverns of ChaosRothikgen
Sister AlysiaCaverns of ChaosRothikgen
Noble soldier of Faerwon guarding the convent gateGUILD NunsRothikgenrequires nimbuses
Abbess Abigail leader of the conventGUILD NunsRothikgen
Inra the valheru godHorsehead MountainRothikgen
Lord WainamoinenKalevalaRothikgen
A gigantic black stone monolithNorse CaveRothikgen
Lesser demon of draen-dalarPauper'sRothikgen
King Elah of Maelstrom, enveloped in clear blue waterRift worldRothikgen
King Zimri of Denali, standing proud and strongRift worldRothikgen
Ward Baasah of Typhoon, surrounded by howling windsRift worldRothikgen
Ward Nadab of Inferno, engulfed in flamesRift worldRothikgen
Severus questSeverus CastleRothikgen
Webmistress AkhenemhetSeverus CopseRothikgen
Treant councilSeverus CopseRothikgen
Merelix the white druidStonehengeRothikgen
Khalun the skaven warlordAstaciaLucentium
Ioxathyi, a hulking beast full of sound and fury, on all fourCatfolk shipyardLucentium
Rechendak, the ElementalistClouds above LorLucentium
Alexandra, a high priestess of Esachen, protector of stabilityLanziaLucentium
Three-headed hydraTwo TowersLucentium
SironebelValley of KingsLucentium
Kech LektarAncient TowerDesolathya
Henry Amberley, defender of the AmberleysBrimshireDesolathya
Umegord Cadelannon the Warrior King of CalythienCITY CalythienDesolathya
Magerathia mazes + Dag DagMagerathiaDesolathya
Lord Necorp, the leech MindcrafterMillie's nightmareDesolathya
A hulking, tentacle-faced nightmare, Az'anzylMillie's nightmareDesolathya
Rotahunt the ConfessorTarackiaDesolathya
The rotting body of Brother Maerius ZedekTinmen MonasteryDesolathya
Tsapharani the Iron GolemCorabandorFurnachia
Spirit of Domgroth, mighty and furiousDomgroth's MansionFurnachia
Nillirou the elven masterbardElven OutpostFurnachia
Lord Soth the Death KnightFlying CitadelFurnachiaif not killing Skie, need good ambush evasion to lead
Kitiara the Dragon highlordFlying CitadelFurnachia
Zyll, Supreme Master of Ndoki and Sorcerer ExtraordinarieN'dokiFurnachia
Llyth, the demon queen of spidersPerin'sFurnachia
Yaboz Zobay, the ancient Maze MasterTemple of Twisted PropheciesFurnachia
Thanatos, huge glowing lava elemental waving its six tentaclesThanatos VolcanoFurnachia


Fairy queenFaerie ForestLaenor
Lord Faroon, looking dashing in his freshly laundered clothesBeaumont HamelRothikgen
Sera the evil Archmage of ChaosGUILD NunsRothikgen
Lord Wainamoinen - supreme versionKalevalaRothikgen
Moratar CainMirkholdRothikgen
WyvernSeverus CopseRothikgen
The Grand Master TorturerShadowkeep PrisonRothikgen
Nithem the LichLich DungeonLucentium
Asharu, the everfighting demonValley of KingsLucentium
Trilloch Haz-gon the grey ElfTrilloch TowerLucentium
Wren Haz-Gon the high ElfTrilloch TowerLucentiumeasy, requires getting to Trilloch
Tyranicus KarakurtTarackiaDesolathya
Gou'ljeg, a huge, ancient beholderAbandoned templeFurnachia
Raoh the DestroyerCorabandorFurnachia
Skie the Blue DragonFlying CitadelFurnachiamust be rescuetank to lead

Very hard

The CorruptorBunny valleyLaenor
Aniengo the colourful and happy fairy dragonFaerie ForestLaenor
Moonrind the ancient entForest of MoonrindLaenor
G'naa'Byeh, the fallen demon Emperor of the TwilightSmall MeadowLaenormust be tank to lead
Origo, the colossal Red DragonTower of InfinizityLaenorlvl103+
Black MassEvil ValeRothikgen
Kharim vaultGUILD KharimRothikgen
Sister ValentinaGUILD NunsRothikgenrequires nimbuses
Kizarwexius the moondragonLonely MountainRothikgen
Shadowy figureSeverus CopseRothikgen
Asmodeus, the Overlord of all the dukes of Hell9th Plane of HellFurnachia
Tiamat, the Chromatic Dragon, looms above youNocilis ValleyFurnachia